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-"I use our gas sterilizer for all our specialty surgery packs. I find the instruments last longer since they no longer go through the expansion and contraction process with steam sterilization. I also use our gas sterilizer for IV pumps, drills, and all plastic tubing. I cannot think of anything in the hospital that has not been put into the gas. I love the fact that it keeps all my instruments looking as new as the day they were bought. The doctors can see the difference between emergency packs placed in steam and the orthopedic and soft tissue packs placed in gas. I do not know how I ever managed without it. The testing process was not a complicated one and the process of sterilization is a simple one."
-Amy Weiss, LVT, CAHT, Surgical Dept. Mgr.
RIver Veterinary Emergencies and Referrals
Chattanooga, TN

-"I have used my Anprolene Sterilizer 2 times a week for 18 years. WIth the Anprolene damage free sterilization system my instruments last longer."
-Clinton Skaggs, DVM
Pratt, KS

--"I have used Anprolene everyday for 4 years with no problems. You have the ability to sterilize items like TPLO saws and blades, as well as electric drills without shrouds, drapes and staplers."
-Stuart Johnson, DVM

.Houston, TX

We have been using Anderson products for the last 15 years to sterilize our cystoscopic equipment. We recently needed to upgrade our equipment and found them to be extremely helpful in determining and meeting requirements for sterilization equipment.  Within a week we had our new unit up and running and support service was always available to help us with our questions.  I highly recommend Anderson Products for any gas sterilization system needs.
- Douglas R. Birns, M.D.
NewYork, NY

-"I save more than $12,000 per year on surgery costs by employing Anprolene at the clinic where I practice. I could not operate without it."
- M.Joseph Bojrab DVM, MS, Ph.D.
Las Vegas, NV

-"We run it 24/7 and the lights never go out."
-David Bays, Tech
Chattanooga, TN

-"Our Anprolene sterilizer is one of the best investments our clinic has made. The ability to sterilize a load in 3 1/2 hours has allowed our surgical productivity to increase dramatically. Plastics that cannot be autoclaved can now be gassed, allowing continual savings to the hospital and to the client by keeping overhead lower. The gas unit is very easy to operate and requires minimal staff time freeing up technicians to complete other tasks. There is never a concern about a load "overheating" or burning the outer wrappings as can happen with autoclaves. Again, I cannot emphasize enough how much we use our Anprolene sterilizer and what a positive impact it has on our hospital. "
rkee Kushel, Veterinarian
Littleton, CO

-"I have ben a client for 21 years. Currently we use the gas sterilizer daily. We sterilize EVERY endo-tracheal tube, feeding tubes, suction tubes, staplers and some suture material. Technically, any surgical item which cannot be steam sterilized is processed easily by our instrument technicians. Is is very nice to be able to sterilize items which are expensive, yet reusable. I would recommend this product without reservation. "
-Karin-Susan Breitlauch, Owner
Saylorsburg, PA

-"Since adopting minimally invasive surgery procedures into our practice we've had the need to safely sterilize delicate instruments. Our AN74ix sterilizer has been a wondersful addition to our equipment and Chris Thomas had also been very helpful answering all our questions."
-Warren Briggs, DVM
Lakewood, NJ

-"I have sterilized everyday for 4 years no problems"
- Stuart johnson, DVM
Houston, TX

-"It is easy to use and safe. I use Anprolene with my drills and orthopedic instruments. We can sterilize and reuse our staplers and suture packs."
- Dick Roger, DVM
Sioux Falls, SD

-"It's much more efficient and we love it!
- Karen Lavrischeff, RVT
Fremonjt, CA

-"I have been using Andersen products for the past 15-20 years. I have always felt confortable with the training and support in using ethylene oxide. Darrell is great!"
- Carrie Cramer, RVT
Bonsall, CA

-"Any staff can easily learn this simple and quick way to sterilize sensitive equipment."
- Meredith Wille
Pittsburgh, PA

-"We use EOGas for all our scissors to save the sharp cutting edge. Helps saves costs."
- Michelle Beckman, CVT
Bwood, TN

-"My unit has worked consistently for 5 years and find it invaluable in sterilizing my orthopedic equipment. The unit has also enabled me to resterilize many other components that steam sterilizers would destroy. I will unquestionally continue with my EOG sterilizer."
- Tim McAughon, owner
Houston, TX

-"The technicians are easy to talk to and very helpful. We frequently sterilize cautery pens and suction bulbs and tubing! "
- Tonya Niles, LVT
Cola, SC

-"I love the Anprolene Sterilizer I have! During the fourth semester of our program the second year students are taught about ETO Sterilization and the Anprolene system.
My students are always amazed at the expansive list of items recommended to be sterilized by ETO. I strive to help them understand how the system can benefit their practice and actually save them money.
Thank you so much for the user friendly equipment, great training an unmatched technical support.
I don't know what I would do without it."
- Teri Raffel, CVT
Madison, WI

-"The unit is very easy to use, is quiet, and easy to read results. We have not had any problems and the staff is very helpful if needed."
- Mike Nystrom, Surg. Asst.
Cary, NC

-"I love it. The model makes it simple and easy to use. Timer on unit helps to verify length left on load."
- Jessica Dominguez
Pt Washington, WI

-"I think the unit is very user friendly. I've never had any trouble using it!"
- Ginny Dreier, Tech
Cary, NC

-"Since receiving our sterilizer, we have been able to do more work, more efficiently and at less cost to us and our clients. We have been able to fully integrate our laproscopic procedures, which we had problems with before. This is a wonderful product and has been a great addition to our clinic."
- Jessica Izlar, Tech
Conyers, GA

-"The 74j we have had for the past year, love it, use it a lot, no problems."
- Sharon May, RVT
Houston, TX

-"I'm a new employee and it took approximately 5 minutes to learn how to use this gas sterilizer. Thanks for making it simple, if I can do it in 5 minutes, so can you."
- Debbie, Receptionist
Albany, NY

-"We have used this system for over ten years without any problems. How many pieces of equipment do you own that do that? I use this between my 2 offices for select items and it gets used often."
- M.B. Hardaker, DVM

-"We have been using Anderson products for the last 15 years to sterilize our cystoscopic equipment. We recently needed to upgrade our equipment and found them to be extremely helpful in determining and meeting requirements for sterilization equipment. Within a week we had our new unit up and running and support service was always available to help us with our questions. I highly recommend Andersen Products for any gas sterilization system needs."
- Douglas R. Birns, MD

-"The delicate surgical instrumentation used in our ophthalmology practice is only gas sterilized. This has significantly prolonged the life of our expensive instruments and we have more than recouped our investment in the sterilization equipment.."
- Susan Carastro, DVM
Deerfield, FL

-"The utility of these sterilizers cannot be overstated. For us, who's goal is rapid delivery of quality sterile products the AN74J series "Fits the Bill" to a "T". Both the actual equipment and the customer support from Andersen sets the standard for a complete service device. In our business we truly value service that is friendly efficient and concise and Andersen delivers. Thanks!"
- Andy Adler , Director of Surgical Services
Libertyville, IL

-"We received the sterilizer today, thank you. Installation was super easy! We already have it up and running. I appreciate your help."
- Angie Cox,CST
Tacoma, WA