Anprolene AN2000

The Professional Series still offers the most gentle 100% EtO sterilization cycle on the market: room temperature sterilization (minimum 68o F), no steam injection, no deep vacuum, and only 17.5 grams of gas. This is the most robust and versatile low temperature sterilizer available!

Anprolene sterilizers now features a number of important improvements. They include: more powerful ventilation and purge pumps, unique active aeration system, digital display tracks cycle progress, temperature sensor monitors room conditions during each cycle, microprocessor monitors cycle and automatically restores system in case of power failure.



  • Unmatched Sterilization Flexibility: Anprolene's 100% EtOsystem sterilizes at room temperature without external vacuum lines or steam generator. Protects your most delicate instruments, electronics, drills, fiber optics, cameras, and plastic or rubber items... Sterilize most any item with the exception of food, drugs or liquids with Anprolene.
  • Sterilization and Aeration in the same cabinet: An advanced purge system aerates products for two hours at the end of the cycle. Active aeration continues indefinitely until products are removed, and the cycle is ended.
  • Proven Reliability: Anprolene has been the choice of healthcare professionals for over 40 years. Anprolene is used in over 5,000 facilities worldwide.
  • Unique Load Size Flexibility: The Anprolene system uses unique plastic sterilization liner bags and individual gas ampoules. We offer two different sizes of bag/ampoule combinations to match the size of your sterilization load. You never use more gas than you have to!


Model: AN2000.14

Exterior dimensions: 22"L x 21.5"H x 18W" - Inner dimensions: 20"L x 14"H x 14"W
Total Weight: 74 pounds (33.6kg)

Power Supply: 115 +/-10%, 50/60 Hz/150 Watts
Manufactured by: Andersen Sterilizers, Inc. - Distributed by: Andersen Products, Inc.



Watch 1 mn. video of Anprolene in action

What can you sterilize with Anprolene? Most any item! More on this.


...our customers explain why:

--"The Anprolene gas sterilization system is undoubtedly the most effective, safe and gentle system on the market. I have had Anprolene sterilization system for a number of years, and the new AN2000 model sets the standard in veterinary practice sterilization. I can sterilize virtually anything and our practice is recovering lost revenue by sterilizing delicate items that are normally thrown away."
..-Dr. Dennis A. Feinberg , ..DVM
..Charleston, SC

-- "I save more than $12,400.00 per year on surgery costs by employing Anprolene at the clinic where I practice. I could not operate without it."
..-M. Joseph Bojrab DVM, ..MS, Ph.D.

..Las Vegas, NV

--"It's easy to use and safe. I use Anprolene with my drills and orthopedic instruments. We can sterilize and reuse items such as staplers and suture packs."
..-Dick Rogen, DVM
.. Sioux FAlls, SD

-"We run it 24/7 and the lights never go out."
..-David Bays, Tech
..Chattanooga, TN

-"Our Anprolene sterilizer is one of the best investments our clinic has made. The ability to sterilize a load in 3 1/2 hours has allowed our surgical productivity to increase dramatically. Plastics that cannot be autoclaved can now be gassed, allowing continual savings to the hospital and to the client by keeping overhead lower. The gas unit is very easy to operate and requires minimal staff time freeing up technicians to complete other tasks. There is never a concern about a load "overheating" or burning the outer wrappings as can happen with autoclaves. Again, I cannot emphasize enough how much we use our Anprolene sterilizer and what a positive impact it has on our hospital. "
rkee Kushel, Veterinarian
..Littleton, CO

.... ..