The future of gas sterilization



Sterilization and Packaging in one step

For commercial sterilization of medical products, Sterijet utilizes an innovative one-step process to sterilize products in their final packaging.

  • Ideal for Small LotsReduced Sterilization and Aeration Time
  • Scaleable as Your Business Grows

Product ready to be sterilized, packed in a polyethylene bag


  The air has been extracted from the bag   EtO is injected into a bag that is automatically heat-sealed  

Thermal mass-flow meter validates the amount of EtO injected for each individual bag




The products are ready to be distributed in their final packaging





Processor: Sterijet Processor
Power Requirements: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 20 Amps
Dimensions: 25 7/8" W x 31" D x 49" H

Construction: Heavy-duty industrial metal
cabinet on casters
Installation Requirements: Dedicated electrical line, 6" vent,
compressed air at 85 psi

Flash Presentation of Sterijet.
(250 k)


Ideal for Small Lots

Products are placed in individual bags for processing. The Sterijet system vacuums the air out of the bag, and injects 100% Ethylene Oxide (EtO) before heat-sealing the bag. As the EtO gas sterilizes the product, it diffuses out of the bag leaving a vacuum-packed sterile product at the end of the aeration cycle. Any compromise of package integrity will result in loss of this vacuum-tight appearance making the Sterijet package truly tamper evident.

Reduced Gas and Aeration Time

Sterijet is a 100% EtO System. Gas delivery is calibrated so that only the precise amount needed to sterilize a given product is injected into the package. Custom sizing of Sterijet Bags for each product or family of products permits optimization of gas use. Bags for Sterijet processing can be manufactured in sizes from 4 inches up to 22 inches in width by any length. No gas is wasted in filling an entire chamber.

Scalable as Your Business Grows

Since the Sterijet process does not require a pressure/vacuum chamber to accomplish sterilization, adaptation of existing sites to a 100% EtO operation is greatly simplified.
Processing capability can be expanded with additional aeration rooms, which cost much less than the addition of traditional Ethylene Oxide sterilization chambers


The Sterijet process results in a very low-concentration exhaust stream. Andersen's economical high-volume abator uses a catalytic process to scrub the EtO emissions 99.8% clean.

Validation Package

The Sterijet processor is equipped with a self-contained process-monitoring system, which simplifies record keeping and tracking of the sterilized packages. This system utilizes a thermal mass-flow meter to measure the precise amount of EtO delivered to each package. At the conclusion of each gas shot, a self-adhesive label is printed with the:
- Date
- Time
- Lot number
- Package sequence number
- Injected EtO gram weight
The process data is compiled by the system and printed as a report or stored for archive purposes.

Planning Assistance And Training

We will help you to determine the compatibility of Sterijet with your products and accurately project the per-item cost of sterilization. Whether you are planning a pilot facility or a large-scale automated sterilization plant, Andersen will assist you in establishing design criteria process validation and statistical documentation procedures. Training for sterilization and repair technicians can be arranged either at your site or at the Andersen Products facility in North Carolina. Maintenance contracts are available.


Sterilization Facility Floor Layout