The future of gas sterilization

Outsourced sterilization

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Sterilization Services:

- Contract sterilization using Andersen's Sterijet or EOGas, 100% EtO systems
- Free evaluation to determine sterilization compatibility
- Testing to estimate cycle length and residual levels
- Full validation testing to develop your customized sterilization and aeration cycle
- Support for the sterilization portion of your 510(k) submission.and FDA audits

Laboratory and Regulatory Services:

- Bioburden testing
- Evaluation of biological indicators
- Residual testing
- Materials/packaging compatibility testing
- QSR system support

Assembly, Packaging and Distribution:

Andersen Products has an environmentally controlled manufacturing area and experienced staff that can provide assembly and packaging services for medical devices that are sent to us. Finished product can be shipped to you or your customer from our facility.

Flash Presentation of Sterijet, our powerful industrial sterilization system that packages as it sterilizes.


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