The future of gas sterilization

In-House sterilization

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With EOGas or Sterijet® you can now bring your sterilization in-house.

Andersen EOGas Sterilizers
Ranging in size from 6, 10, and 33 cubic feet will process from 2 to 12 different sterilization loads at one time. Low capital and cycle costs ensure EOGas is the most economical and flexible gas sterilization system.

Andersen Sterijet Sterilization System
Situated at the terminus of a production line for medical device or kit manufacturing, Sterijet is the unique sterilization solution offering vacuum packed sterile product for visual assurance of sterility. The customer can be assured that if the vacuum packaging is intact the product remains sterile.

Full validation services available for both EOGas and Sterijet

Regulatory and Quality Assurance support in compliance with QSR

Flash Presentation of Sterijet, our powerful industrial sterilization system that packages as it sterilizes.


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