The Leader in 100% Ethylene Oxide Sterilization.

Evolution of (EtO) Gas Diffusion Sterilization since 1958

Dr. Harold W. Andersen, a surgeon from New York, invented -and subsequently patented-- a unique gas diffusion sterilization method of sterilizing using ethylene oxide. This method remains the best ethylene oxide sterilization method for low to moderate volumes of delicate items.

Andersen Products was founded by Dr. Andersen who is also the company's current Chairman. While working as a surgeon at Bellevue Hospital in New York City Dr. Andersen invented a better apparatus for gastric drainage. His colleagues began asking for the new device, which led to the formation of Andersen Products, or Anpro®.

Andersen Products has manufactured and distributed surgical and infection control equipment and consumables since 1958. We are proud to offer the most gas efficient EtO sterilizers on the market, providing the most delicate sterilization cycle available. Our customers include a diverse group of over 6,000 healthcare-related facilities around the world, such as hospitals, day surgery centers, veterinary clinics, research and clinical laboratories, and other medical device manufacturers. Within the United States, we sell direct to end-users and through a select group of distributors. Andersen conducts business with distributors in every continent and subcontinent. From mobile field hospitals in developing countries to the most sophisticated medical institutions on the globe - Andersen is there.

Over the years, the company has maintained its focus on providing cutting-edge technology for niche healthcare applications.

Health Science Park, the group's North Carolina headquarters, houses our manufacturing, quality assurance and laboratory, R&D, warehousing, sales/marketing and administrative offices. The plant is EPA- and FDA-registered, and OSHA-compliant.